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With our new protocol we ask that everyone please try to complete the Rental form at home and bring a copy the day you are coming to the hill. You will find the form and instructions below. If unable to print it you can send it as an attachment to

Before you start please know that to answer the questions on the form you will need a pen, a weigh scale, a tape measure and the Rental form. You may need to convert weight and height as it needs to be in kg and cm. *HINT* your drivers licences carries most the information needed in the correct measurements.

We have included instructions below of all what needs to be filled out on the forms.

Each person Renting will require a new form to be filled out.

Renters under the age of 16 must have a parent or legal guardian fill out these forms.

We thank you greatly for taking the time to go through this new process. Please call us or send us an email if you have any further questions.



Please make sure to fill out all sections needed on the forms. Below is a photo showing where needs to be filled out, checked off, or signed.

1. Check Age Box ( Preschool/Child/Youth/Adult)

2. Check Skier Type (I - Beginner, II - Intermediate, III - Advanced)

3. Fill out your Last & First Names, Your Phone Number, Town, and Postal Code.

4. Sign - Acknowledgement of Personal Information & Equipment Instructions ( Parent/Guardian or Equipment User)

5.Check what equipment you are needing to rent. Boots ( SK- ski boots , SB - snowboard boots) Skis, Snowboard, Snowblades, Helmet ( we highly recommend renting helmets with all our rentals if you do not have your own already.)

6. Please be sure to sign ( Parent/Guardian or User) the Bottom of the forms for the Equipment Rental & Liability Release Agreement.

Check out the photo Below and make sure to fill in where there is red.

Thank you!


Whispering Pines
Ski Hill



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